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In this month's CE Linux Forum newsletter:


* Embedded Linux Conference Europe Program Announced

* LinuxCon Japan

* SquashFS Support for LZO Accepted into Mainline

* 34th Japan Technical Jamboree

* eLinux wiki Moving to a New Host!




CELF has announced the program for Embedded Linux Conference Europe, which
will be held in Cambridge, UK on October 26-28.  Keynote speakers Ralph
Baechle and Ari Rauch are sure to inform and educate us about the status of
Linux in embedded and mobile platforms.


Ralph is the long-time maintainer of the MIPS architecture branch of the
Linux kernel, and recently began working for Wind River.


Ari Rauch is the senior director of software and systems engineering for
Texas Instrument's wireless OMAP processor group.


On Tuesday, October 26, special tutorial sessions will be available to help
bring people up to speed on Linux and Android development.


There will be almost 40 sessions, including keynotes, presentations,
tutorials, and Birds-of-a-Feather sessions.


Event sponsors are Google, Linaro, Texas Instruments and Intel.


The full program is available at:



This year, we are co-located with the GStreamer conference, which will be a
great gathering of developers working with this multimedia framework.  The
GStreamer conference will be held October 26, at the same venue as ELC-E.


Registration for both events is now open.  See





LinuxCon Japan, one of the major Linux Foundation events, will be held from
27th to 29th September at Roppongi Academy Hills, Tokyo.  CE Linux Forum is
a Platinum Sponsor of this event, as there will be a good opportunity for
many embedded system related developers in Asia to attend.  For more
details, please see:


http://events.linuxfoundation.jp/events/linuxcon-japan (Japanese) 

http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/linuxcon-japan (English)


The schedule includes some embedded-related programs. CE Linux Forum will be
hosting a private BoF event on Tuesday evening (28th) at the same venue.  We
encourage you to join us for this special event.  


Free Admission


As a Platinum sponsor, CE Linux Forum will have 15 free admissions to the
event. 5 admissions have been allocated for developers invited by CELF to
attend.  We would like to share the reminding 10 free admissions with CELF
members (one ticket per member company). If you would like a ticket, please
contact Satoru.Ueda at jp.sony.com.  For details regarding the current
allocation of tickets, please visit the CELF member private wiki:




Discount Code


The event organizer has offered a discount code for the event to CE Linux
Forum members and the affiliates.  Please visit the CELF member private wiki
page to get the code.




CE Linux Forum Project BoF


CE Linux Forum will be hosting an embedded system developers Bof event on
28th from 5:30 pm at Academy Hills.  Details will be announced shortly.





The Linux kernel 2.6.36 merge window closed recently, and it was found that
LZO compression support for the SquashFS filesystem was accepted into the
mainline kernel.  This was reported on by LWN.net at:




The LZO compression algorithm offers faster decompression performance, at
the expense of a slight increase in compressed image size.  In future
kernels, developers will have a choice of compression algorithms, to allow
them to tune the system according to their performance and size


It is nice seeing the continued progression of Linux support for embedded
features.  At Embedded Linux Conference 2010, the CELF Architecture Group
had a meeting to discuss different technologies we wanted to support.  At
that meeting, LG Electronics indicated they were using SquashFS, and over
the summer they contributed their patches for the filesystem to the SquashFS
maintainer, Phillip Lougher.


These patches have now worked their way through Phillip's git tree and into
mainline, where this feature will be available to anyone using the latest





The next Japan Technical Jamboree is scheduled for 3rd September.  Please
see the public wiki for details.




Usually we include the latest Linux community watch session at the Jamboree,
but this session has been changed to "Android Quick Bootup Hints", as the
same session will be presented during LinuxCon Japan.





Bill Traynor, the primary administrator for the eLinux wiki has been hard at
work preparing for a move of the site to a new home. Previously, the wiki
site was hosted at a commercial hosting provider, but we are happy to
announce that we will soon be moving the site to Oregon State University's
Open Source Lab (see http://osuosl)


The Open Source Lab is the home to many important open source web sites,
source archives, and download sites, serving such projects as the Linux
kernel, Apache web server and Drupal content management system.  CELF is
very happy to join the OSL "family", and have the eLinux wiki site hosted


The eLinux wiki will continue to be available from our standard URL of:
http://elinux.org/  Watch for the site switchover some time during the month
of September.




CE Linux Forum is an international, open source software development
community established in 2003. It is a forum of like-minded software
engineers dedicated to the development and enhancement of Linux-based
embedded devices through shared knowledge and collaboration. These engineers
bring their ideas and finest skills to missions such as decreasing system
size, startup/shutdown time, power consumption, improving compatibility to
various CPU architectures, developing middleware and more. 


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