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In this month's CE Linux Forum newsletter:


* ELC Europe 2010 - Call For Presentations Still Open

* Japan Technical Jamboree #33

* CELF Contract Work Update

* Wiki Editor Contest Almost Over

* Embedded Linux College Course




We've received a number of great proposals for this year's Embedded Linux
Conference Europe, which is planned for October 27-28 in Cambridge, UK. ELCE
is the premier gather of embedded Linux developers and experts in Europe,
and we're looking forward to another great year.


If you have a good idea for a proposal for a presentation, tutorial or demo
for the event, please submit it soon.  Proposals are being accepted until
the end of June.


Details about how to submit a proposal are at:



The conference home page is:






Save the date! The next Japan Technical Jamboree is scheduled for June 4th
(Friday) at Nakano Sunplaza in Tokyo.


In the morning session there will be a review session of the latest kernel
release (2.6.34). To register for the event, please visit:



To submit a session proposal, please visit:






A slew of contract projects kicked off in May as a result of the final
project selection that occurred in April at the CELF meetings in San
Francisco.  We'll be reporting on additional results as they are received,
but here are updates on two interesting projects, both by CELF contractor
(and long-time Linux contributor) Denys Vlasenko.


==> function-sections work is mainlined for 2.6.35 <== 

Earlier in the year, Denys Vlasenko submitted patches for the mainline
kernel to rename linker sections and make it possible to use the
-ffunction-sections compiler flag.  Those patches were accepted and are now
in Linus Torvald's kernel tree.


The next step is to fix some issues with unresolved dependencies between
sections, in order to make sure no symbols are left out during the final
link.  When that is complete, it should be safe to use the
-ffunction-sections feature of the compiler to achieve some much-needed
reductions in kernel binary image size.


Denys reported on this work at ELC 2010 in San Francisco.  His presentation
is available from the event presentations page:



==> busybox support for bootchart <==

Denys Vlasenko also worked on adding support for bootchart to busybox.
Bootchart is a nice tool, most often used with desktop systems, for
recording and visualizing the bootup sequence of a Linux computer.
Unfortunately, the program which captures the data for bootchart has long
been known to be too heavy-weight for embedded use, and there have been
several attempts over the years to make a version suitable for embedded (for
example, Android includes its own version in the Android 'init' program.)


Sponsored by CELF, Denys has now added support for bootchartd (the data
capture portion of bootchart) to busybox.  This will allow embedded
developers to also benefit from this handy tool to visualize the bootstrap
sequence of Linux and quickly identify problem areas that need attention.


See http://elinux.org/Bootchart#BusyBox for more information on this applet,
which should show up in the 1.17.0 release of busybox, soon.




If you're reading this before June 1, you still have time to participate in
CELF's eLinux wiki editor contest.  The person submitting the best edit will
receive an touchbook computer from Always Innovating.  Lesser prizes are
also available for people who contribute to the wiki. See the front page of
the eLinux wiki, or http://elinux.org/ELinux_wiki_2010_Editor_Contest,

for details.





This month's highlight of interesting eLinux wiki content is material for a
college course in embedded Linux.  The course is being taught by Professor
Mark A. Yoder of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, in Terra Haute Indianna.


Dr. Yoder and his students are using the wiki for links to resources about
the BeagleBoard and embedded Linux, as well as links to class notes and
pages describing the student projects for the course.


This is a great use of the wiki, and we are happy that Dr. Yoder has chosen
to use this resource for his instruction, allowing others to utilize the


See http://elinux.org/ECE597_-_32-bit_Embedded_Linux,_Rose-Hulman for the
"top page" for the course, and http://elinux.org/Category:ECE597 for a list
of pages related to it.





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