ELCE 2009 - Small business BOF proposal

Michael Opdenacker

Small Business BOF

Proposed leader: Michael Opdenacker

Conferences like ELC and ELCE are excellent opportunities for small
embedded Linux
companies to meet, exchange experience and know each other better. This
makes it
possible to cooperate on customer projects which are too big for a
single company,
and to take advantage of the specific skills of each partner.

We invite small business owners and employees to join this BOF.
Here are suggested topics:

- Introducing one's company and main areas of expertise
(2 slides max per company, to be sent to michael@...
before the BOF)
- Working with clients (preparing quotes, estimating, invoicing, etc)
- Marketing, advertising, and building the business.
- Project management
- Relationship with the community, and with similar service providers
- Relationship with vendors
- Interest in an "Embedded Linux small business miniconf" at ELC 2010?

Ideas for this BOF can be added to the elinux.org wiki:

Michael Opdenacker, Free Electrons
Kernel, drivers and embedded Linux development,
consulting, training and support.
+ 33 621 604 642