Introducing myself

Leon Woestenberg <leon.woestenberg@...>


just found out about this mailing list while browsing for the upcoming
ELCE and RTLWS event details, in the hope to be able to participate.

Let's introduce myself (includes shameless plugs).

I am working as a self-employed Linux systems designer at Sidebranch

(this currently is besides my part-time job as systems architect at an

I can take on small projects myself, mostly involving customers
stepping into the world of Linux based designs.
Additionally I work with other self-employed software and hardware
peers in bigger projects or own products.

Software systems design. Linux device drivers (from I2C to PCI Express
Scatter Gather DMA subsystems), Linux kernel development, hard
real-time programming (device drivers and POSIX user space), systems
and application software. Mostly in C.

Hardware systems design (FPGA's, ASICs, SOPC, PCI, PCI Express busses,
DDR2/3, SoC, Processors) down to the schematics, where I have to hand
it off to and work with a hardware designer to get the details (via's,
matched pair routing, impedance, ...) right.

I think the most challenging issues for small companies are:
- taking on a project which is bigger than one can handle one-self,
trusting on the help from peers.
- working with peers in a way to builds trust towards potential customers.
- working on one system remotely (I have seen this work with a FPGA
SOPC system).
- ...

I have spoken with Michael Opdenacker on small business cooperation
once (FOSDEM 2008 or 2009?) and we agreed it's hard to get started

One idea: what if we "join" each others company? (No strings attached,
just being interested in taking on potential projects can be enough).

It would be great to have access to each others area's of expertise
and expose this to customers.

I'ld love to hear your opinions on this.

I hope to be able to join and meet face to face again. Who is coming to where?


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