Mediawiki directory fun

Tim Bird <tim.bird@...>


I was still seeing the error about creating a directory on the main page.
I went to upload an android icon file to the elinux wiki, and I got an error
back saying the upload directory did not exist.

I created the following directory:

and assigned it ownership 500.110.

At this point, I noticed the main page error was gone.

I tried to upload the file again, and got an error about directory permissions.
Noticing that /var/www/mediawiki-1.14.0/images was owned by www-data.www-data,
I changed the ownership of the upload directory to that. This allowed me to
upload the file. It went into upload/c/ce/Android.png.

However, the file could not be downloaded from
(The file image would not display on the wiki file description page.)

I manually moved the file from upload/c/ce/Android.png to images/c/ce/Android.png,
and now all is happy.

In the LocalSettings, the upload directory is specified as $IP/upload, and that's
where the file went when I uploaded it. However, it appears that files are expected
by Mediawiki to be in $IP/images. Maybe these should be linked?

Hopefully I've not screwed up the the directories or permissions too badly.
I didn't modify any php or settings files.

Please take a look at the upload situation and see if it's working properly.

-- Tim

Tim Bird
Architecture Group Chair, CE Linux Forum
Senior Staff Engineer, Sony Corporation of America