"Topic pages" project

Tim Bird

Hello people interested in Embedded Linux Conference-related topics.

This is an announcement of a project being taken on by the fine
embedded Linux developers at PathPartnerTech. They are working
on creating a set of "topic pages" for the talks from the last 15 years
of Embedded Linux Conference.

They have just announce the project on the celinux-dev mailing list,
and elsewhere.

You can find information about the project on the elinux wiki at:

I am excited about this project, as I believe it will make the content
from our many years of Embedded Linux Conference presentations
more accessible to embedded Linux developers and the public.

If you have feedback on the project, or want to volunteer to help with
the page categorization effort, please follow the discussion on
celinux-dev@..., or e-mail me or Amit Agarwal for
more information.

(You can subscribe to celinux-dev, or see past list archives, here:

Thanks and regards,
-- Tim Bird