Recent issues with ELC videos

Tim Bird

Hello ELC speakers, attendees and interested parties,

Here is an update on some issues with video recordings from recent and not-so-recent
Embedded Linux Conference events.

Sometime over the summer, someone at the LF deleted a YouTube channel that had 3 events
worth of videos. The events, were ELC 2015, ELC Europe 2015, and ELC 2016. Members of
the Linux Foundation IT department and event staff are working now to try to restore
as many videos as possible from backups. They have contacted Google/YouTube to try to
restore the channel that was deleted, but so far have gotten no response. They have also
contacted the original video-recording companies, and found backups for some videos.
Those that they've found so far should be reloaded to Youtube within a few weeks.

For ELC 2019, LF announced that the videos would be free to attendees, but offered to
non-attendees for a fee. The videos were placed on Vimeo.
The paywall thing was an experiment, and after receiving negative feedback from the
Linux community the LF decided to revert to previous policy.
The videos will make their way to YouTube, and will be freely accessible there.
Videos will also stay on Vimeo, with free access to both attendees and non-attendees.
However, they will also have a "pay" button (which apparently
cannot be removed once they videos are entered into a "for pay" Vimeo catalog).

We will probably have to go back and re-enter new video links for the affected
years, once the dust settles and the videos are (re-)posted on YouTube again.
We will also make an announcement when the new or re-posted videos are

I hope this clarifies the status of the videos, and resolves concerns that people
have had about the ELC videos. We continue to be committed to making as
much information as possible from ELC available to the community-at-large
for free.

-- Tim