Embedded Linux Conference Future - survey

Tim Bird

Hello person interested in Embedded Linux Conference,

Here is a very rare e-mail to this list, regarding ELC...
I'm sending this out through multiple channels. Please accept my apology if you have already seen this request. If you've already
filled out the survey, please ignore this message.

In our effort to make the best possible event for our attendees, we are making some changes to the composition, timing and location of Embedded Linux Conference. Based on discussions with attendees, leaders of related events, and the Linux Foundation staff, we plan to do a few things differently with ELC in the coming years. However, we want to solicit broader feedback on our plans, so we are contacting you!

Please take the following 10-question survey, to express your opinions on our plans and to give us feedback. This should take less than 5 minutes of your time (some of the questions are quite easy!)

We deeply appreciate our attendees, speakers, sponsors, program committee, and event staff that make it possible to have such a fun, interesting, and hopefully useful and impactful conference. We have been running this event for many years, and I consider all of you my friends and colleagues in embedded Linux development and open source. Let's keep moving forward and improving as we go. If you have more in-depth commentary on Embedded Linux Conference, either related to the proposals in the survey, or in general (e.g. ideas for content or activities to improve the event), please feel free to send an email to me personally at tim.bird@... with your input and suggestions.

-- Tim Bird, ELC Program Committee Chair