[PROPOSAL v2] Fix platform device irq domain support and gpio irq DT 3 messages By Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD ·
Slides and videos from ELC Europe 4 messages By Bird, Tim ·
LTSI-3.10 merge window is now open ! By Hisao Munakata ·
[PROPOSAL] Improve UBI user space tools 2 messages By Richard Weinberger ·
Linux Foundation (CEWG) Japan Jamboree #47 [DATE CHANGED] By Satoru Ueda ·
[FOSDEM] [CFP] Embedded and mobile devroom By Geert Uytterhoeven ·
[PROPOSAL] Kernel module binary compatibility with debug features 2 messages By Bird, Tim ·
ELC 2013 videos By Michael Opdenacker ·
Info for my status talk 3 messages By Bird, Tim ·
[PROPOSAL] Compressed printk messages 3 messages By Bird, Tim ·
Request for bids By Bird, Tim ·
[PROPOSAL] CPU Shielding capability 3 messages By Bird, Tim ·
[PROPOSAL] Android boot time improvements 6 messages By ·
[PROPOSAL] Setup LTSI Testing/Validation infrastructure 2 messages By ·
[PROPOSAL] Add support for CONFIG_NUMA to ARM By Bird, Tim ·
[PROPOSAL] Add device-tree support to the pn544 NFC driver 2 messages By Bird, Tim ·
[PROPOSAL] Mainline synaptics touchscreen driver By Bird, Tim ·
[PROPOSAL] Overwrite detection for kernel text and read-only data 2 messages By Bird, Tim ·
[PROPOSAL] Support asymetric RSA in Crypto API By Bird, Tim ·
[PROPOSAL] Support dumping user-space stack from kernel By Bird, Tim ·
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