test message By Tim Bird ·
Proposal: fastboot parameter cache for Linux 2 messages By Tim Bird ·
ELC 2011 Call For Presentations By Tim Bird ·
Proposal: Mainline the watchdog framework for the Linux kernel 2 messages By Wolfram Sang ·
Proposal: Work on performance utilities for ARM/MIPS 2 messages By Holger Hans Peter Freyther ·
[Proposal] Add checkpointing or logging to UBIFS By Tim Bird ·
[Proposal] Mainline fast symbol resolution for kernel module loading By Tim Bird ·
[ANNOUNCE] - list going down for maintenance/switchover By Tim Bird ·
Proposal: Add 'fastboot' protocol support to Linux 4 messages By Tim Bird ·
Proposal: Improvements on dietsplash and integration with Yocto 2 messages By Lucas De Marchi ·
Proposal: Extend and improve infrastructure for KBUS messaging 2 messages By Tony Ibbs ·
Proposal: Implement the Bluetooth Sim Access Profile(SAP), Client Role 2 messages By Gustavo F. Padovan ·
Proposal: Squashfs filesystem support for u-boot 2 messages By Phillip Lougher ·
Proposal: Squashfs support for MTD subsystem 2 messages By Phillip Lougher ·
Open Project Proposal 2011 submission 2 messages By Pierre Pronchery ·
Proposal: support read-only block filesystems on MTD flash 2 messages By Michael Opdenacker ·
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