White paper on fastboot technique on Blackfin processor

Tim Bird <tim.bird@...>


For those interested in fast boot times, I recently saw this go by on the
linux-embedded mailing list (by Robin Getz). I read through it and
the information is quite good.

I put a link to this under "case studies" on the elinux wiki
boot time page:

-- Tim

For a sub 1 second (973ms) boot (to userspace - end of the /etc/rc file), have
a look at:


It also includes a 421ms for a minimal kernel.

No magic - just careful optimisation of the BootROM, U-Boot, and the kernel.

Some of the tricks we do are architecture independent, and should be able to
be applied to any system. Your milage may vary - depending on your
distribution, and your architecture.

Tim Bird
Architecture Group Chair, CE Linux Forum
Senior Staff Engineer, Sony Corporation of America