Project Proposal: Add support for LZO compression to SquashFS

Tim Bird <tim.bird@...>

Summary: Add support for LZO compression to SquashFS

Proposer: Tim Bird

SquashFS currently supports zlib and LZMA compression.
LZO is another compression algorithm which has very
good decompression speed. This would be useful for
speeding up boot time and runtime operations on
file systems based on this algorithm.

Code which implements LZO decompression is already in
the Linux kernel.

Related work:
Phillip Lougher has recently submitted patches to add LZMA
compression to SquashFS to the kernel mailing list. In
the process, it appears he is laying the groundwork for
also adding LZO compression to SquashFS.

Scope: I would guess it would take about 2 months of work.

Tim Bird
Architecture Group Chair, CE Linux Forum
Senior Staff Engineer, Sony Corporation of America