[Members] Japan Linux Symposium / Bulletin News

Satoru Ueda <Satoru.Ueda@...>

Dear All Non Japanese Speakers,

Below please find the translation into English
which The Linux Foundation Japan staff kindly prepared.

Hope it helpful.

S. Ueda

Satoru Ueda wrote:
Dear All,

Attached please find the JLS bulletin news e-mail letter.

Unfortunately it is in Japanese but it contains some
important notice:

1. Extending the due date for session proposal.
The due date is extended to *May 15th*.

2. Soliciting the event operation volunteer.

I wish many of you to be encouraged to submit session

S. Ueda
Japan Linux Symposium newsletter (No.2)

(1) CFP submission close date becomes 5/15.
You have half month more to prepare for a CFP. We welcome your proposal.


・Benefit to speaker
Speaker can attend all the symposium session by free.
And we invite speakers for evening reception on 10/21. (After key-note speech)

・Useful information.
Please refer to following Link for more information.
http://www.linuxfoundation.jp/content/cfp (In Japanese)

(2)Looking for a Volunteers
 We are looking for a volunteer who can support Japan Linux Symposium 2009 logistics.

Period: Oct 19th - 23rd

Location: 10/19-23 Akihabara Convention Hall
- http://www.akibahall.jp/data/outline_eng.html
     10/21  ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo
- http://www.anaintercontinental-tokyo.jp/e/

Duties: Guide from station to Venue, Reception, Projector, wireless LAN network setup.

Benefit: JLS free ticket
     evening reception invitation
     Free lunch

Minimum work day: 2days

Registration: Please make a registration here.

Number of volunteer: 20

| TEL: +81-3-5435-3703 FAX: +81-3-5435-3791
| System Software Development dept.
| Technology Development Group, Sony Corp.
| Marketing Group Chair, CE Linux Forum