Japan Linux Symposium / Hotel to stay

Satoru Ueda <Satoru.Ueda@...>

Dear All,

Please be informed that the Hotel Jyuraku Ocyanomizu are
happy to block the rooms for us (CE Linux Forum members and
embedded system developers) for the stay in Tokyo to attend
Japan Linux Symposium. If you wish to stay this hotel, please
indicate me by August 21st.

It is *NOT for booking* but just to know how many rooms
should be blocked. I sincerely looking forward to your

[Advantage of the Hotel Jyuraku Ocyanomizu]==============

- Short walking distance (less than 10 minutes) from
the main venue of Japan Linux Symposium
- You will see the old Tokyo scene around the hotel area
because the surrounding area is rare place where not
damaged in world war II.
- Inexpensive cost to stay

Single bed room: 8,000 Yen / night
Double bed room: 10,600 Yen / night
Twin bed room: 12,600 Yen / night

(Above prices are not including breakfast. The breakfast
will be provided at 1,100 Yen)

- Convenient access from both Narita airport, Haneda
airport and Tokyo station.

Web site in English:


Please be noted that the hotel is designed for business trip
of Japanese people and the rooms are relatively small. I
recommend American and European people to take "Double" or
"Twin" room.

The booking instructions will be provided in early September
if I get sufficient number of people indicating to stay there.

===< REPLY FORM >========================================

I wish to stay this hotel (Hotel Jyuraku Ocyanomizu):
[ ] Single Room
[ ] Double Room
[ ] Twin Room



The Linux Foundation is also offering lodging ideas which
are attractive:


But those hotels are required some train ride to the venue.
The nearest ones are:

- Villa Fontaine Jinbou-chou
- Villa Fontaine Kudanshita

Best regards,
S. Ueda

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