Japan Linux Symposium

Satoru Ueda <Satoru.Ueda@...>

Dear all embedded Linux and related OSS developers.

Please let me introduce Japan Linux Symposium (JLS)
scheduled from October 21 to 23 in Tokyo.


We can submit the session proposals now. I wish
as much embedded OSS developers to propose because
of its unique opportunity to collaborate with
variety of sophisticated developers.

This event is Kernel Summit 2009 co-located one.
We can expect many of the core Linux and related
OSS developers will get together here in Akihabara,
Tokyo. The organizer is intending it to become
another Ottawa Linux Symposium which was coupled
with the Kernel Summit.

It is not decided yet, though, CE Linux Forum
will prepare some opportunity to intensively
communicate each other for embedded system
developers and the other community developers
who are interested in embedded system development.

The due date for the session proposal is
April 1st. Of course, you can proceed your
sessions in English, not Japanese.

# Don't worry for the language. ;)

And the organizer will not reject your session
proposals simply because they are presented
before. So that if you are going to present
something in the coming ELC 2009, you can
propose the same technical stuffs into TLS
again. (I think you will add some updates).

If you have any further question, *never*
hesitate contacting me.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Best regards,
S. Ueda
| TEL: +81-3-5435-3703 FAX: +81-3-5435-3791
| System Software Development dept.
| Technology Development Group, Sony Corp.
| Marketing Group Chair, CE Linux Forum