ELC 2009- call for sessions

Tim Bird <tim.bird@...>

Hello everyone,

The CE Linux Forum would like to invite you to make a presentation
at our upcoming Embedded Linux Conference. The conference will be
held April 6-8, 2009 in San Francisco, California.

See http://embeddedlinuxconference.com/elc_2009/
for general information about the conference, and
for information about the call for sessions.

CELF is the primary sponsor of this event, which is open to the
public. This year we will be holding the conference in conjunction
with the Linux Foundation Spring Collaboration Summit (April 8-10)
and it should be a very exciting event.

= Guidelines =
Presentations should be of a technical nature, covering topics
related to use of Linux in embedded systems. The CE Linux Forum
is focused on the use of Linux in consumer electronics products,
but presentations may cover use of Linux in other embedded
areas, as long as the topic is of general relevance to most
embedded developers.

Presentations that are commercial advertisements or sales
pitches are not appropriate for this conference.

Presentations on the following topics are encouraged:

* Audio, Video, and Graphics systems for embedded products
* Security
* System size
* Bootup time
* Meeting real-time constraints
* Power management
* Streaming media
* Flash memory devices and filesystems
* Technologies related to cell phones, digital settop
boxes, handheld devices, or other CE products
* Development tools for embedded users
* Use of Linux in actual products, practical experience and
war stories
* Standards for CE products

Most presentation slots are 50 minutes long, including time for

No paper submission is required in conjunction with the presentation.

You may also submit a request to present a tutorial. Tutorials are
intended to be longer, interactive learning sessions. A tutorial may
occupy more than one session slot at the conference.

Full details, including the e-mail address to use to submit
a proposal, are at:

The deadline for submissions is January 16, 2009.

-- Tim

Tim Bird
Architecture Group Chair, CE Linux Forum
Senior Staff Engineer, Sony Electronics