Device Tree at Plumbers, looking for topics and session leaders

Frank Rowand

I am looking for additional topics to include in the device tree track
at Plumbers 2015.

I am also soliciting people who would like to be session leaders or

I have a limited number of free registration discounts available for
session leaders / presenters.

The format at Plumbers is less about presentations and more about
discussions. So enough slides and presentation to set the foundation
of the discussion. Then lots of talking.

The role of the session leader is to
- present a balanced description of the topic / subject area
- ensure multiple view points and alternatives are heard

If you want to help shape the future of device tree, then your
role as a member of the audience is to talk. To provide ideas,
inspiration, your experiences, how the world you live in may be
different than the one that I live in.

The track description is:

The Linux Plumbers 2015 Device Tree Tools, Validation, and
Troubleshooting track focuses on tools (programs and scripts),
techniques, and core support to enable creation of correct device
trees and to support troubleshooting and debugging of incorrect
device trees, drivers, and subsystems.

The tools encompass static (build and pre-boot) and dynamic (boot and
run-time) environments.

Areas of interest include

- inspection
- verification and validation
- troubleshooting
- debugging
- core support for debugging
- unit tests
- designing and implementing drivers for effective debugging
- impact of overlays (boot and run-time updates to the device tree)
- bindings
- documentation

Topics unrelated to the overall track but of current Device Tree
interest may be accepted if there is available time

- ordering of device creation and driver binding

Please contact me if you plan to attend the device tree track. If
you are also attending other tracks, please list those tracks so that
the Plumbers planning committee can try to minimize the schedule
conflicts between tracks.

General information about plumbers is at:

Plumbers will be co-located with LinuxCon North America in Seattle
(Plumbers is Aug 19-21, Linuxcon is Aug 17-19).

Hope to see many of you in Seattle.


Frank Rowand