Celinux-dev Digest, Vol 107, Issue 12

LM <lmemsm@...>

On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 8:00 AM,
<celinux-dev-request@...> wrote:
The leading contender for an implementation for this
project was 'toybox'. It made a lot of progress in the last
year, and is usable now for some tasks.
I've looked at Toybox and the Heirloom Project and various other
alternatives. They didn't quite meet my needs. From my
investigations, the Heirloom Project seemed to have better UTF-8
support than Toybox. However, it lacked other features I'm concerned
with. I'll keep working on this in my free time, since none of the
current alternatives appear to be a good fit for what I need. As I
mentioned, if anyone's interested in comparing notes or discussing
designs, I'd be very interested in doing so. I'd also appreciate
hearing if anyone's had any practical experience with Nano-X. I'm
investigating options for running GUI based applications such as
Nano-X, directfb, Kdrive and Wayland and would like to find more
information on the pros and cons of the various options and which
would be easiest to implement.