CELF BOF flyier

Satoru Ueda <Satoru.Ueda@...>

Dear All,

As the News Letter already mentioned, we are
going to hold a BoF meeting in conjunction with
upcoming Japan Linux Symposium.

I have prepared the flier to of the event as
attached. Hope it helpful for you to join.

At the same time, please be encouraged to register
your lightening talk item!

S. Ueda

CELF Office wrote:

In this month’s CE Linux Forum newsletter:
* CELF BOF and Plenary Meeting announced
CELF members are invited to attend the CE Linux Forum Plenary meeting for 2009, which will be held following a BOF and reception the evening of Thursday, October 22 (the week of the Japan Linux Symposium).
The Bird's-of-a-Feather meeting will be held starting at 19:00 (7:00 pm) with the CELF Plenary following at 20:30 (8:30 pm).
The location for the meeting will be the Ochanomizu Hotel Juraku, located within walking distance (10 minutes) of the JLS venue.
For more information on the Ochanomizu Hotel Juraku, please see: http://www.juraku.com/ocha/ (Japanese/English/Korean/Chinese)
Members of the public are invited to attend the BOF and reception at the Hotel. No admission fee is required, and there will be a light dinner provided. The BOF will include a set of "lightning talks".
For detailed information about the meeting, including walking directions and a "lightning talk" sign-up sheet, please see:
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