CE Linux Forum Newsletter: June 2010

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In this month’s CE Linux Forum newsletter:


* ELC Europe Keynotes Announced

* eLinux Wiki Editor Contest Award Winners

* Japan Technical Jamboree #33

* NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) TV Program on Linux

* Busybox Enhancements




We are happy to announce that the keynote speakers for Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2010 are Ralf Baechle and Ari Rauch.


Ralf Baechle is the kernel maintainer for the MIPS processor architecture - a position he has held for many years.  Ari Rauch is a Senior Director at Texas Instruments, where he is the Software R&D Manager for OMAP systems.


We're looking forward to hearing from both of these men at ELC Europe in October.


Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2010 is on-track to be a great event. Numerous presentation proposals have been received, and the organizing committee is reviewing these now for final program selection.  If you're reading this before June 30, you can still submit a proposal for consideration.


Be sure to watch the conference web site or subscribe to the elc-announce mailing list to see the announcement of the full program, and for details about conference registration, which should open soon.

See http://www.embeddedlinuxconference.com/elc_europe10/index.html





During the month of May, CELF held a wiki editor contest, to reward those individuals who made the greatest contribution to the site.


During the contest period, several people combined to contribute hundreds of valuable additions and edits to the site.  In particular, the highest contributors had over 100 edits each, on a variety of pages.  This input helps continue to build and refine the growing body of information on the site.


Judging for the contest was recently completed, and we are pleased to announce the following winners:


The Grand Prize winner was Peter Huewe (user name "Broegle" on the site), who won an ARM touchbook from Always Innovating.


Runners up were:

 * Denis "GNUtoo" Carikli,

 * Robert Nelson

 * Mark Yoder

 * Robert Gordon

 * Alok Prasad


These contributors received their choice of $50 or a 1-year subscription to LWN.net.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to the site in May (and who continue working on the site on an ongoing basis).  The eLinux wiki continues to serve as a valuable repository of information for embedded Linux developers.


See http://elinux.org/Special:RecentChanges to view the latest changes on the site.





The 33rd Jamboree was held on 4th June at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo.  We had plenty of interesting discussions.  Please visit the wiki for more information. A video archive from the event is also available.







NHK, which is Japan's public broadcasting service company, recently premiered a television program about Linux. The program includes an extensive interview with Linus Torvalds, which was conducted during last year’s Japan Linux Symposium.  Renesas and Sony cooperated with the production, and you will briefly see the inside view of Renesas and Sony's Linux development center.


The interview with Linus includes some very encouraging messages.  This portion of the interview was broadcasted in both English and Japanese so it is worthwhile viewing for non-Japanese speakers as well.


See http://www.nhk.or.jp/itwb/2/ to view the program.





As reported in last month's newsletter, Denys Vlasenko has added support for bootchartd to busybox, which should show up in the release 1.17.0 of busybox soon.


Keisuke Yasui, of Toshiba, recently reported on his testing of this feature at the CELF Japan Technical Jamboree, held in early June this year.


See http://elinux.org/Japan_Technical_Jamboree_33 for a link to Yasui-san's presentation.  After exchanging e-mails, a few more bugfixes and enhancements were made, helping to improve this already-valuable feature.


Denys has also submitted a new applet called 'smemcap' to busybox.  This utility is the target-side tool for collecting /proc information for use with smem.  smem is a handy tool for analyzing and visualizing memory usage on a Linux-based machine, which was written by Matt Mackall with sponsorship by CELF.


Soon, it will be possible to use a stock busybox installation (with the smemcap applet enabled) to capture the information needed by smem, to help analyze and improve memory utilization of embedded devices running Linux.


See http://www.selenic.com/smem/ for more details about the 'smem' tool.





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