CE Linux Forum Newsletter: March 2010

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In this month’s CE Linux Forum newsletter:


* ELC 2010 Program Highlights Update

* CELF Architecture Group Project Proposals - Evaluation in Progress

* 32nd Japan Technical Jamboree Report

* ARM Device Tree Work

* -ffunction-sections Work





Embedded Linux Conference 2010 is right around the corner - April 12-14 in San Francisco, California.  There's still time to register, but space is almost full (really!).  Right now we still plan to accept registrations at the door, but it's safest to register ahead of time.


We've added a few new talks to the schedule, and are quite excited about our two keynote speakers: Greg Kroah-Hartman and Matt Asay.


Greg will give a speech entitled: "Android: a Case Study of an Embedded Linux Project".  He'll talk about why the Android code was not merged into the mainline kernel, and how this might be accomplished in the future.


Matt will give a talk titled: "Embedded in 2010: an End to the Entropy?".  Matt will talk about fragmentation in the embedded Linux market, and how we might actually be seeing a convergence in the future.


Some other notable sessions are:

 * Strategies for migrating uniprocessor code to multi-core

   -- Mike Anderson, CTO and Chief Scientist, The PTR Group

 * State of embedded Linux

   -- Tim Bird, Senior Software Engineer for Sony Corp.

 * Effective use of RT-Preempt

   -- Kevin Dankwardt, K Computing

 * Understanding threat models for embedded devices

   -- Jake Edge, LWN.net

 * Experiences in Android porting, lessons learned, tips and tricks

   -- Mark Gross, Intel Corp.

 * Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling for Embedded Linux

   -- Yong Bon Koo and Youngbin Seo, ETRI

 * Flattened Device Tree ARM support update

   -- Grant Likely, device tree kernel maintainer

 * Wake-ups effect on idle power for Intel's Moorestown MID

   -- German Monroy, Intel Corp.

 * Linux without a boot loader?

   -- Greg Ungerer, MMU-less systems kernel maintainer

 * Ftrace -- Embedded Edition

   -- Steven Rostedt, Ftrace kernel maintainer


Along with these speakers, there will be 3 days of presentations, tutorials and Bird-of-a-Feather sessions - over 50 in total.


This is an event you won't want to miss!


To review the complete schedule and register for event, please visit http://www.embeddedlinuxconference.com/elc_2010





The CELF Architecture Group has finished assembling the information required for reviewing the proposals for 2010 contract work.  Documents for forum members to use for voting on the projects were recently delivered via the 'MEMBERS' mailing list.  The primary technical representative for each member company should review these materials and return their vote to the Tim Bird (the chair of the CELF Architecture Group) no later than April 13, so that the final projects can be selected at our CELF meetings following ELC this year.


If you have not received the voting information, please contact the Tim or the forum office, at office@...





The Japan Technical Jamboree #32 took place on March 5th. For the session list, please visit the CELF wiki at




At the event Tim Bird summarized the latest release of Linux Kernel (version 2.6.33) from an embedded system developer view point.  The session was presented in English so many of you will have the opportunity to watch this informative session, which is posted in our video archive.



(video archive)





Grant Likely has continued his work to implement device tree support for ARM platforms, sponsored by the CE Linux Forum. This work has the potential to simplify the boot process for different board and kernel variations, utilizing a data-driven approach in place of current hard-coded values. Also, the device tree work has the potential to unify bootloader/kernel interaction and driver probing across architectures, since the device tree is already in use for other (non-ARM) platforms.


This project is a good example of the type of work that has long-term consequences, which is unlikely that the average CE company would be paying attention to or willing to fund, but which can have a beneficial impact in the future. This is the type of project that CELF has interest in supporting, on behalf of its members.


Grant will report on the status of this work at ELC.



== -ffunction-sections WORK ==


Another interesting project that CELF is funding is work to have the kernel support the -ffunction-sections compiler flag.  This option changes the way the compiler arranges the object code for the kernel, and this work paves the way for additional, automated, dead-code removal in the kernel binary image.  This should result in memory savings that are still very much desired in embedded products.


Denys Vlasenko, the principal author of this work, will be discussing it at a session at ELC.





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