CE Linux Forum Newsletter: February 2010

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In this month’s CE Linux Forum newsletter:


* ELC 2010 Sessions Announced - Registration Now Open!

* 32nd Japan Technical Jamboree  

* CELF Hardware Donations

* CELF Becomes First Official LWN.NET Sponsor





This year's Embedded Linux Conference is just around the corner, in mid-April in San Francisco, California.  The session list for the event is now available at:



There are a variety of sessions planned on topics ranging from bootloaders to power management, real-time to video. Check out the session list for details.


Greg Kroah-Hartman and Matt Asay will be keynoting the event.


Registration is also now open, and is available by following the link at:



Please note that Early-bird pricing is available through March 20th, and will increase a bit after that, so register soon.





The next Japan Technical Jamboree will be held on March 5th (Friday) at Nakano Sunplaza.  The call for session proposals is out right now.  We are preparing a Skype connection at the venue. If you are unable to attend in person and have something to present, please consider giving a presentation remotely. For more details, please contact coordinator Hisao Munakata at munakata.hisao@...<mailto:munakata.hisao@...>. 


For more information about the event, please visit:







CELF is pleased to announce recent (or in progress) hardware donations to the following individuals or projects:


 * An embedded development board to Pekka Enberg

 * Several boards for the GeeXboX project

 * A DLNA client device (PlayStation 3 game console) for the BRisa UPnP framework project


Pekka is a mainline developer who maintains aspects of the kernel memory allocation sub-systems.  He intends to use the board for testing low-memory configurations common to embedded products.


The GeeXboX project (see http://geexbox.org/) will receive 3 devices, for use in porting their project to ARM platforms and developing and testing codec support on common embedded processors. The GeeXboX project includes a media center application for Linux embedded devices.


The BRisa project, being conducted by the Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil, aims to provide a UPnP framework focused on embedded platforms.  They will use the PS3 for interoperability testing with their framework.





The CE Linux Forum is pleased to announce a collaboration with the LWN.NET online periodical to become their first official sponsor. CELF recently worked with LWN.NET to create their new sponsorship program and become their first sponsor under the new program.


Nobuhiro Asai, Chairman of the CELF Board of Directors, said: "The work that LWN.NET does, in particular to document key aspects of the Linux kernel, are a valuable asset to the entire Linux community.

This work directly benefits embedded Linux developers, who utilize the content at LWN.NET to keep up with the rapid progress of Linux development. Thus, it makes sense for CELF to directly sponsor LWN.NET's ongoing activities."


See http://tree.celinuxforum.org/CelfPubWiki/PR_JAN2010_1 for additional details.





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