CE Linux Forum Newsletter: November 2009

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In this month’s CE Linux Forum newsletter:


* Call for Presentations: ELC 2010

* CELF announces plan for "Open Project Proposals"

* 31st Japan Technical Jamboree Announcement

* Embedded Technology (ET) 2009

* 5th CELF Korea Technical Jamboree Report

* New release of SMEM tool available!




Tim Bird recently sent out the Call for Presentations for Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) 2010.  This event, planned for April 12-14 in San Francisco, California, is CELF's premier gather of embedded Linux developers and experts.  If you've been working on something interesting, and you want to share it with other developers (and get feedback and help going forward), please consider making a presentation at this event.


Details about how to submit a proposal are at:



The conference home page is:






Each year, the CE Linux Forum spends money on contract work to improve Linux for use in embedded systems. Some of the projects we have sponsored in the past include Linux-tiny, DirectFB enhancements, smem, and Squashfs mainlining.


Usually, our process involves querying forum members for their ideas and priorities and building a project list from that. This year, we are opening up the process and asking for ideas and proposals from the general public.


The CELF Open Project Proposal program is a process whereby anyone can submit to the CE Linux Forum ideas and proposals for projects that they think should be worked on to enhance embedded Linux.  A formal announcement of this  program will be made shortly.  However, details about the program are available now at: http://elinux.org/CELF_Open_Project_Proposal_2010


Please consider making a proposal for CELF to consider funding next year!





The next Japan Technical Jamboree will be held on December 18th (Friday) at Nakano Sunplaza.  The call for session proposals is out right now.  We are preparing a Skype connection at the venue. If you are unable to attend in person and have something to present, please consider giving a presentation remotely. For more details, please contact coordinator Hisao Munakata at munakata.hisao@....  For more information about the event, please visit:







CE Linux Forum endorsed ET 2009, a Japan domestic public exhibition, which was held from 18th to 20th November at Pacifico Yokohama.  CELF had a booth at the event and distributed several fliers regarding the latest information about embedded Linux technologies, community topics and the CE Linux Forum organization.  There was also a presentation corner in the booth to inform attendees about embedded Linux technologies such as:


 => UBI / UBIFS (Update on large NAND flash file system evaluation)

  - Video presentation prepared by Mr. Uwatoko and Mr. Homma of Toshiba.

  - Same presentation from the last Japan Linux Symposium.

  - See the CELF video archive.

  - http://www.celinuxforum.org/VideoArchive/ET2009_1.html


 => Improving Android multimedia processing performance using Linux UIO (Userspace I/O)

  - Live presentation by Mr. Matsubara of Igel.

  - Same (or slightly improved) presentation will be performed in the upcoming Japan Jamboree #31 (18th December)


 => Rescuing SuperH to Linux Commonplace

  - Hints to take the advantages of Linux while using non major CPU

  - Live presentation by Mr. Munakata of Renesas.

  - Same (or slightly improved) presentation will be performed in the upcoming Japan Jamboree #31

  - Same presentation from the last Japan Linux Symposium.


 => Introduction to the CE Linux Forum and the forum’s development projects

  - Live presentation by Mr. Ueda, CELF Marketing Group Chair


The pdf files of the fliers are available at:




The event web sites are:


http://www.jasa.or.jp/et/  (Japanese)

http://www.jasa.or.jp/et/english/  (English)





The 5th CELF Korea Technical Jamboree was held on November 6th. Many interesting technical topics were presented, including dynamic software upgrade, real-time Linux, UBIFS, Eclipse and test frameworks. About 70 Korean Linux engineers attended the event and there were many lively discussions on embedded Linux.


For presentation files and additional information, please visit: http://tree.celinuxforum.org/CelfPubWiki/KoreaTechJamboree5





Matt Mackall recently announced the availability of a new release (version 0.9) of the 'smem' memory analysis tool.  This is a very useful tool for analyzing the utilization of memory on a system.  The new release includes a lightweight snapshotting tool for using smem with embedded systems.  Matt continues his work on smem with sponsorship of the CE Linux forum.


See http://lwn.net/Articles/361497/ for details.





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