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In this month’s CE Linux Forum newsletter:


* ELC Europe 2009 Report: The Butterfly Effect of CELF

* CELF Project BoF and Plenary Meeting

* Kernel Summit In Tokyo

* 30th Japan Technical Jamboree

* 5th Korea Technical Jamboree





By Ruud Derwig, ELC-E committee Chair


Small events can have great results. April 15 and 16 some 200 embedded Linux developers and users gathered in Grenoble for the 2009 edition of ELC-Europe. After last year's joined event with the Dutch NLUUG, this year the conference was part of ESWEEK, a week full of embedded system technology. The conference opened with a keynote by Jon Masters, who explained to the audience the steps for porting Linux to a new platform or architecture. Although 1 hour was obviously not enough time to cover all details, he managed to cover the whole flow starting from bootloaders and concluding with platform porting and working upstream. Jon is currently writing a new book on this topic.


On Friday Philippe Gerum took up the challenge of balancing predictability and fairness in his presentation on the state of real-time Linux. Philippe described the available ingredients for the ultimate solution for real-time (dual-kernel, emulation, real-time preempt, virtualization), their individual drawbacks, and sketched how they can be combined into a solution that overcomes the issues. Besides the keynotes, there were again many excellent presentations in the 3 parallel tracks, and you can find the slides on http://tree.celinuxforum.org/CelfPubWiki/ELCEurope2009Presentations. Matt Porter's Myth busters presentation on Android was finally elected best presentation by the attendees.


The tasty food and wine - one of the benefits of a conference in France - and the social event at la Bastille with a fabulous view over Grenoble and the surrounding mountains ensured that everyone enjoyed the conference.


Wondering about the butterflies from the title? Then wait till the video's of the sessions are put online and watch how Klaas van Gend and Tim Bird concluded the conference with a fun game and information on how CELF improves the embedded Linux world through small yet effective activities.





On October 22nd CELF had an embedded system developer BoF meeting coupled with their annual plenary meeting. This meeting was held in conjunction with the Japan Linux Symposium at the Ochanomizu Hotel Juraku in Tokyo. It was a very successful event, with about 60 embedded system developers and CELF members in attendance, as well as some core kernel developers.


For additional information and photos from the event, please see http://elinux.org/CELF_BOF_and_Plenary_2009





CELF was a sponsor of the recently held Linux Kernel Summit. This invitation-only event is a gathering of the top developers of the Linux kernel.  This year, it was held in Tokyo right before the Japan Linux Symposium.  Tim Bird attended the meeting representing both his own company, Sony, and the CE Linux Forum.


At the summit, there was an end user panel, which was an opportunity for companies using Linux to describe their issues with the kernel.  Other participants of the panel, representing embedded, were Norihiro Kumagai from Sharp, and Ryoichi Sugimura from Panasonic.  This was a great opportunity for these CE vendors to talk directly to leading kernel developers, to give some feedback and also receive advice on the use of Linux in their products.


A detailed description of the end user panel is at:

http://lwn.net/Articles/357477/ and Tim's slides are available at: http://elinux.org/KernelSummit


For complete coverage of the Summit, see http://lwn.net/Articles/KernelSummit2009/





The 30th Japan Technical Jamboree was held on October 2nd, just before the Japan Linux Symposium. Several preview sessions were included and Tim Bird reported on the latest community topics. The next Jamboree is scheduled for December 18th.


For additional information, please see http://elinux.org/Japan_Technical_Jamboree_30 (The video archive will be prepared by the end of October)





CELF is proud to announce that the next Korea Technical Jamboree will be taking place in Seoul on November 6th. Attendance is not limited to the CELF members, but is open to all. Everyone who is interested in embedded Linux technologies is welcome. There is no admission fee. For more information, please go to http://tree.celinuxforum.org/CelfPubWiki/KoreaTechJamboree5. You may register for the event at http://celf-kor-jamboree.appspot.com/.




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