CE Linux Forum Newsletter: September 2009

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In this month’s CE Linux Forum newsletter:


* ELC Europe Program Announced, Registration Open

* SMACK white paper published

* CELF BOF and Plenary Meeting announced

* Japan Linux Symposium coming




CELF is pleased to announce the program for this year's Embedded Linux Conference Europe.


Keynote speakers Jon Masters and Philippe Gerum will talk about recent trends in Linux development including the state of real-time Linux - from two isolated kernels to a single pervasive real-time system. Also, Gilad Ben-Yossef, co-writer of the well-known book “Building Embedded Linux Systems”, will be presenting a talk on the myths and facts regarding the use of threads and processes. Many more topics will be addressed ranging from embedded Linux distributions and build systems to application frameworks for rich UI.


For details about the conference program, please see:



To register, go to:





A white paper discussing the use of SMACK (Simple Mandatory Access Control Kernel) in CE products has been published by Embedded Alley (recently acquired by Mentor Graphics).


This white paper was commissioned by CELF to investigate the use of lightweight MAC security, now available in mainline kernels, in modern CE devices.  The paper focuses on the use of SMACK in a Digital TV product, but the results will be of interest to anyone looking to provide more advanced security in their CE products.


You can find a link to the paper at:


under the title "SMACK for Digital TV"




CELF members are invited to attend the CE Linux Forum Plenary meeting for 2009, which will be held following a BOF and reception the evening of Thursday, October 22 (the week of the Japan Linux Symposium).


The Bird's-of-a-Feather meeting will be held starting at 19:00 (7:00 pm) with the CELF Plenary following at 20:30 (8:30 pm).

The location for the meeting will be the Ochanomizu Hotel Juraku, located within walking distance (10 minutes) of the JLS venue.


For more information on the Ochanomizu Hotel Juraku, please see: http://www.juraku.com/ocha/ (Japanese/English/Korean/Chinese)


Members of the public are invited to attend the BOF and reception at the Hotel. No admission fee is required, and there will be a light dinner provided. The BOF will include a set of "lightning talks".


For detailed information about the meeting, including walking directions and a "lightning talk" sign-up sheet, please see:





CELF is pleased to be a sponsor of the upcoming Japan Linux Symposium, to be held in Tokyo, Japan, October 21-23.

This event, organized by the Linux Foundation, will bring together developers, administrators, users, community managers and industry experts. It is designed not only to encourage collaboration but to support future interaction between Japan and other Asia Pacific countries and the rest of the global Linux community.


Besides CELF itself being a sponsor, several of CELF's members will be making presentations at the conference, on a variety of embedded and community-related topics.


For information about JLS, please see:


To register, visit






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