ANN: Bluetooth Hands Free Profile on GNU/Linux

Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri

Hi all,

My company just released together with Intel and Nokia the first open
source implementation of Hands Free Profile (HFP) that works with
GNU/Linux. This allows your Linux device (GPS, Tablet, PDA, IVI) to
behave as a headphone/car kit, sending and receiving audio on behalf
of your phone.

The solution is based on modern and excellent quality software such as
BlueZ, PulseAudio and oFono.

- BlueZ is widely used as the "de facto" bluetooth stack for Linux.
- PulseAudio is becoming the industry standard audio solution for
Linux, used currently by Nokia and Palm devices. Although you can see
complains about earlier versions, the software is quite reliable and
we got excellent results embedding it in products.
- oFono was conceived by Intel and the same software architect that
wrote BlueZ, Marcel Holtmann, and deals with networking and AT
commands dispatching, doing the HFP configuration chat.


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