Raspberry Pi 4 business launch on 28th Feb at HAX Tokyo in Otemachi

Masafumi Ohta

Dear list-no-minasama,

We Japanese Raspberry Pi Users Group + RS components (Okdo) + HAX Tokyo will hold Raspberry Pi vastest ‘4’ launch for Enterprise Business Users.

I have been asked from the Enterprise Customers:
*Software License issues on Raspberry Pi
*Legal issues on Raspberry Pi
*How to apply Raspberry Pi to their business

We will talk such issues above to discuss with you.

If you interested using Raspberry Pi for your business please join our event. For more information and register 
https://www.raspi.jp/2020/01/rpi4-business-launch-event/ (Sorry written by Japanese but we welcome Gaijin-san to attend our event!)

P.S. if you would join Raspberry Jam - our community event, we plan in Apr or May. Please stay turned!

Masafumi Ohta
Rep. of Japanese Raspberry Pi Users Group