[PROPOSAL] Setup LTSI Testing/Validation infrastructure


; Summary: Setup LTSI Testing/Validation infrastructure

; Proposer: Artemi Ivanov / Hisao Munakata

== Description ==
It has been discussed recently: how LTSI project could attract new contributors, what are the key factors for product architects/decision makers to select LTSI kernel as a base line for their development, what are potential risks when productizing a selected LTSI release.

It would be nice to start bringing quality and test coverage metrics to the LTSI project. This could help with LTSI productization/adaptation efforts by ODM/OEMs and semiconductor vendors.
Building specifications and test coverage for LTSI is not a trivial task, it would require a few requirements gathering/discussion/prototyping cycles before finalizing "what needs to be tested", "how it needs to be tested", infrastructure, maintenance. Ultimate goal would be: LTSI quality specification (definition of features/components/configurations/performance/stability requirements), LTSI test coverage (definition of tests, parameters, thresholds), LTSI Testing Infrastructure (Test Automation framework, tracking system) and well-defined maintenance and contribution process.

While LTSI quality/testing discussion is ongoing It would be great to have LTSI Testing/Validation infrastructure prototype: setup test automation frameworks (Linaro LAVA and Jenkins), integrate a few popular/useful open source test suites (benchmarks - networking, graphics, storage; LTP/LTP-DDT; LAVA tests) and make it available for public. LTSI Test results, performance numbers, quality metrics should be available online (at least for a few selected hardware platforms/configurations). It is also expected that LTSI contributors could install/adapt same infrastructure for their environment (hopefully tests results and metrics are also reproducible)

== Related work ==
* Jenkins - http://jenkins-ci.org/
* LAVA - https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/LAVA
* LTP DDT - http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/LTP-DDT

== Scope ==
* Hardware infrastructure setup: setup a few selected hardware platforms, including automated recovery/powercycling

* Software infrastructure setup: setup test frameworks, integrate and tune tests so they are could be run unattended

Efforts: 5 weeks?

== Contractor Candidates ==
Artemi Ivanov (Cogent Embedded)

== Comments ==

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; Summary: Setup LTSI Testing/Validation infrastructure
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