[PROPOSAL] More robust UBIFS support

Bird, Tim <Tim.Bird@...>

Well, deadlines are good for spuring last-minute action....
Here are a bunch of project proposals from Sony.

; Summary: More robust UBIFS support
; Proposer: Tim Bird, Sony Mobile

== Description ==
UBIFS is the preferred Linux filesystem for large raw NAND flash, but it still
has some stability issues.

This project would consist of robustness testing of UBIFS, with an eye towards
fixing any unstable or corruption bugs found.

== Related work ==
* See [[Start working on the "unstable_bits" issue to make UBIFS more robust]]
** This project was proposed in 2012

== Scope ==

== Contractor Candidates ==
Artem Bityuski is the UBIFS maintainer. Wolfram Sang proposed the "unstable bits" project.

== Comments ==

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