huge boot time

David MONTICELLI <david@...>


Our embedded linux is using a NOR flash.

Recently I have noticed the following:

1) I erase the root fs partition from uboot
2) I tftp the root fs image from uboot
3) I boot up on 25 sec

4) I SCP 2 files of 14 Mb each to /home
5) I boot up on 45 sec
6) I delete those 2 files
7) I still boot up on 45 sec!
8) To boot up on 25 sec again, I have to erase root fs from uboot

Since I have noticed that behavior, I have searched and learnt a lot, so I have now selected the "End block Summary"
For JFFS2 into menu config, have rebuilt everything and remake the jffs2 images.

After having modified a small program ( found here ( make it works for NOR flash; I can see that blocks of my root fs Image correctly end with EBS; but next blocks don't (like the ones about the 2 files I've added).
Then I have tried the "pad" option from the menu config, to pad the root fs image with 0xff to the size of my root fs partition; but the result is that my root fs jffs2 image size remain the same as before having checked the "pad(size)" option.

Could you please tell me why it acts like that (slow mount even after having deleted the 2 files) and how to fix it?

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