Add Nand Pre-Bootloader support in Barebox



Add support of Nand Pre-Bootloader to Barebox

; Summary: Add support of Nand Pre-Bootlaoder to Barebox

; Proposer: Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD

== Description ==
It would be nice to have in barebox a Nand Pre-Bootloader Framework.
This Framework will have to be support the following constrianxs:

- small (less than 2 KiB Freescale SoC require this)
- support Bad Block
- nand type detection
- compressed barebox

The feature will have the target to boot a barebox than can fit in the first
block of the Nand. As the first block is bad block free certified by the manufacturer.
This barebox will have enough feature to boot the board and have the failsafe update.

Then barebox will use modules - stored in an other partition - to load more feature.

This will result with a nand boot bad block free.

== Related work ==
* Barebox -
** Code: see
** Code: see;a=commit;h=99659eecd2e3e49eb12f3ac25b308bafe55f7cfd

== Scope ==
This should take than 2 to 3 weeks of development and test effort.

This will be port on at91 first.

== Contractor Candidates ==
Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD (barebox co-maintainer)

== Comments ==

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