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On Tuesday, November 19, 2013 2:42 PM, Ezequiel GarcĂ­a wrote:
I'd like to know what ever happened to the "Boot U-Boot from UBI
volume" proposal,
as it seemed a very interesting project.

Currently I'm working in a product with a _very_ long-life, yet based
in NAND flash,
and so I would have considered the ability to have the bootloader in a
bad block aware
device very appealing.

... and in the same vein, I would really appreciate to have some
status information about each
proposed project. Something that tells us if it was rejected (and
maybe some useful reasons
for rejection as feedback?) and/or accepted.

On the other side, maybe this is too much to ask? ;-)
Sorry for the slow response. I had hoped to be able to
announce the results of the voting actually during the week
of ELC Europe (back in October). However, there were
some delays and the final vote hasn't yet completed.

We usually do a pretty poor job of announcing the results
of our evaluation. This time is no different. While I can't
announce yet which projects were selected (because the
CE workgroup voting is not finalized yet), I can at least shed
a little light on a few that are out of the running.

This will not be comprehensive, because I don't have time today
to talk about all the proposals. But in general, the UBIFS proposals
were not rated highly by the Architecture Group. The main reason
for this was that a lot of companies (at least companies with a vote
in the CE WG Architecture Group) appear to be moving
away from using raw NAND. Hence, UBIFS is less strategic to
develop for in the long run. Note that this only reflects the interests
of "consumer electronics" requirements, and (maybe) not the trends
in the general embedded Linux industry in general.

Of the UBIFS-related proposals, only the robustness testing/fixes
proposal is still being considered for sponsorship.

When the voting is complete, which should be by the end of the month,
I'll try to find some time to provide more detail about individual proposals
and why they were accepted or rejected.
-- Tim

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