Slides and videos from ELC Europe

Bird, Tim <Tim.Bird@...>

ELC Europe followers or interested parties...

Many slide decks and some videos from ELC Europe are now available.

The slides and videos on LF's web site are published here:
under the heading "Event Recap".

A YouTube playlist containing videos from ELCE (18, as of this writing)
is available at:

I'm not sure if this is all the videos that will be published, but I thought I
would advertise this now so you can check if a video you are
interested in is available. Mine's there, for what it's worth :-)

Also, the slides from the event are being collected, and many are also available
on the elinux wiki at:

If you were a speaker at ELCE and haven't posted or sent your slides, please
do so as soon as possible.

Thanks, and enjoy!
-- Tim

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