Re: [PROPOSAL] Improve UBI user space tools

Richard Weinberger <richard@...>


Sorry for the lame reply, I had to pull this mail out of a mailing list archive.

Improve UBI user space tools

; Summary: Improve UBI userspace tools

; Proposer: Ezequiel Garc?a <ezequiel at>

== Description ==
Currently the UBI tools are a bit messy and not straight-forward to use.
In addition, there are quite a few different -yet related- commands to
accomplish different stages of an UBI/UBIFS preparation or flashing.

A possible way of dealing with such complexity would be revisiting
these tools and introduce a new centralized tool (git-like), with sub-commands
for the different tasks.

The benefit of this effort is obviously to simplify the (exceedingly)
task of dealing with UBI and UBI volumes setup, both off-box and
in-box (presumably
for developers testings).

For instance, the ubinize tool requires the setup of an 'ini' file specifying
the volumes configuration, which is usually a bit annoying.
IMHO we should not only focus on the user interface.
Customers often ask me for the following two features:

- A tool to extract files from an UBIFS image (AKA ubidump).
- Fastmap support for the ubinize tool to generate fastmap enabled UBI images.

If it's not too late it would nice to see that wishes in the proposal too.


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