Re: [PROPOSAL] Kernel module binary compatibility with debug features

Rob Landley

On 10/02/2013 03:33:08 PM, Bird, Tim wrote:
; Summary: Kernel module binary compatibility with debug features
; Proposer: Tim Bird, Sony Mobile
== Description ==
Sometimes, the workflow for embedded systems include obtaining kernel modules from
3rd party vendors or other software teams. In certain situations, it can be difficult
to re-compile and re-install these 3rd party modules, even though the kernel on a system
can be re-configured, rebuilt and re-installed.
This feature proposes to isolate the kernel module interface from changes in certain
kernel debug features, so that turning on those feature will not create binary incompatibility
with a newly configured and deployed kernel.
You're aware that the upstream kernel guys see the lack of binary compatability as a feature, not a bug (punishing binary-only modules), so that not only will this feature probably never go upstream, but you'll quietly piss off multiple senior kernel developers by suggesting it and one of them will "coincidentally" rewrite whatever infrastructure it depends on in an incompatible way within the year?

They haven't got the spare bandwidth to pursue much legal action in court, but EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL() is just the tip of the iceberg...


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