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On 10:27 Thu 03 Oct , Artemi Ivanov wrote:
; Summary: Android boot time improvements

; Proposer: Artemi Ivanov

== Description ==
Android boot time could be dramatically improved by leveraging
checkpoints/snapshots approaches (might be sufficient for variety of
products/use cases), on the other side it would be great to study
deeper if Android cold boot speed could be improved, at least for
automotive/IVI scenarios (get display/video/audio enabled early)
what is the booting target?

I've done in the past on non optimised android < 30s from cold start to UI
on arm926ejs with base Android < 30s
on more complex and full feature Android on Cortex-A9 (5 MiB kernel) < 30s

with optimised bootloader (barebox)

== Related work ==
* 0xlab survey - Shorten Device Boot Time for Automotive IVI and
Navigation Systems; Implement Checkpointing for Android; Android
Boot Time Optimization
* CELF Boot time page -

== Scope ==
* Leverage most powerful hw platforms (multicore Cortex-A15 SOCs, fast
storage, etc.)
more powerfull hw does not mean shorter boot time

to be able to comparare anything we need have similar hw feature as more
driver you have to load means more time to boot. I also could have hw design
issue on dev board that slow down the boot

* Get max of what could be optimized at bootcode/kernel level (this
could be done in a week or so - using boottime cook books)
* Try to get Android booting to UI/video/audio in a couple of seconds
range (i.e. custom/automotive-focused use-case)...
* Compare results with snapshots/checkpoints implementation

Efforts: 6-8 weeks

== Contractor Candidates ==

== Comments ==

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