Re: [PROPOSAL] Fix platform device irq domain support and gpio irq DT


On 11:55 Wed 02 Oct , Wolfram Sang wrote:


I think the main ideas can be discussed and implemented in 240 hours effort.
If the duration is 3 or 5 months depends on how discussions with upstream go.

Contractor candidates

Given that I already started digging into the topic, have some designs sketched
and already submitted initial patches, I recommend myself. I also think I have
enough upstream experience to deal with such a major task.
Eeks, these are my text-blocks. This is weak. Tim, I think we should
remove the "share-alike" from proposals? I mean, if the topic is of real
importance, one can easily invest a bit of time for those two
yeah I like the english so I re-use it if you do not mind

And as a sidenote, it doesn't fit well. Since Jean dropped the "Related
work" section, there is no proof about digging into the topic and
sketching some designs.
sorry patch on the device-tree ML

Those topic was discussed with Grant and LinusW in Cc

Best Regards,


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