Answers needed for CE Workgroup game survey

Bird, Tim <Tim.Bird@...>

Hello everyone,

I'm asking a personal favor of everyone on this list...

We are now preparing for Embedded Linux Conference Europe,
and as part of this event we will be presenting the results of
a survey (as part of a game).

Please go the URL below, and answer the 20 questions.
Each answer should be a short word or phrase, and should
be the first thing you think of. Please do NOT research the
answer to the question, but just type the first thing that pops
in your head.

This should take less than 10 minutes. Please answer all the questions.
Answers are completely anonymous. (Not that it matters, since
there is no personal information requested.)

I need at least 100 people to respond, so please help me out!

Thanks very much.

I'm looking forward to a fun time in Edinburgh this year, meeting
with many of you and talking with you about embedded Linux.
-- Tim Bird
Senior Software Engineer, Sony Mobile Communications
Architecture Group Chair, CE Workgroup of the Linux Foundation

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