Flash File system Tuning Guide - available now

Bird, Tim <Tim.Bird@...>

I am happy to announce the availability of a document describing methods
of tuning Linux filesystems for eMMC/SDD-based block devices.

This is the culmination of several months of effort, to determine the results
of using different tuning options in the Linux kernel, with different filesystems
running on flash-based block devices. The document was prepared by
Cogent Embedded, and funded by the CE Workgroup of the Linux Foundation.
In addition to describing different tuning options available, the document
also gives methodologies for measuring performance on the filesystems
and has extensive graphs showing the results of the different tuning

The work is available on the elinux wiki at (direct doc link):

It is linked to from the File_Systems page of the elinux.org wiki site, in the
comparison of flash filesystems section:

Please see the sub-section entitled "Cogent Embedded Tests (2013)"

It is hoped that this document will provide valuable insights into the different
options available to tune a Linux filesystem for flash-based devices, as
well as give a comparison of block-based filesystems used on such devices.

-- Tim Bird

Architecture Group Chair, CE Workgroup
Senior Software Engineer, Sony Mobile

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