Re: Embedded Linux tips and tricks?? a bit of a survey...

Grant Likely

On Thu, 13 Dec 2012 12:57:44 -0800, Tim Bird <tim.bird@...> wrote:
On 12/05/2012 08:41 AM, Grant Likely wrote:
On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 5:35 PM, Tim Bird <tim.bird@...> wrote:
2. Custom or homebrew tools:
Another one I use is called 'ttc', for 'tiny target control'.
It is a thin wrapper over many of the commands that are used
to configure, build and install the kernel (as well as execute
commands on the target, move stuff between host and target, etc.)
I use this so that I don't have to remember all the different
config options, toolchain paths, cross-compiler prefix, bootloader
commands, and board access methods for the different boards I use.
Currently I'm only dealing with 2 or 3 boards, but I used to
deal with about 10 different boards on a continual basis.
It was driving me nuts every time I switched from one
board to another, having to re-learn all
the little details about working with the new board.
Hey Tim,

Have you got your current target control scripts posted anywhere. I
remember playing with them about 4 years ago and I'd like to have
another look.
I finally got around to re-posting these. They are available

Let me know if you use them and see anything you'd like changed
or improved (or if you run into any problems).
Thanks Tim. I've grabbed a copy and already got it into a git tree. :-)

I've got a pet project I'm working on to make it easier to sanity test
the kernel on multiple architectures and I'm fiddling about with what
already exists instead of inventing something new.


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