Re: [Q] TinyLinux project status (resend)

Rob Landley

On 04/24/2012 10:31 PM, Greg Ungerer wrote:
On 04/25/2012 07:33 AM, Rob Landley wrote:
On 04/24/2012 02:35 PM, Ezequiel Garc�a wrote:
Linux in under 2 megabytes of RAM, even when running from ROM, is not a
realistic goal. For context: linux 0.0.1 was developed on a 4 megabyte
system in 1991. Swap support was added in december of that year so it
could run on a 2 megabyte system.
After some research I came to the same conclusion. I guess I was on
drugs when I tought that,
since even a kernel compiled with almost nothing (not even BUG
support) weights ~1.5 MB.
I do note that this is inexcusable. The kernel _DID_ once run in 2
megabytes of ram, and 4 should still be a realistic goal for a tiny
linux project of the busybox/toybox plus uClibc userspace kind.
(Admittedly the last 4 meg linux system I saw was a uClinux circa 2006
at CELF, I think it might have been Grant Likely demoing it?
I have done plenty of 4MB uClinux systems over the years, from the
early 2000's onwards. And I have a habit of showing them off at
CELF events. It may have been me...

Probably was.

Query: is there any way to set up a nommu system with:

A) stock vanilla upstream packages (kernel, uClibc, busybox)
B) running under qemu

I've had a todo item to add a nommu target to Aboriginal Linux but every
time I do so I poke at making i386 nommu and it just doesn't seem to
want to do that. (Can't imagine why...)

Admittedly, last time I tried was sometime in the 2.6.3x's...

GNU/Linux isn't: Linux=GPLv2, GNU=GPLv3+, they can't share code.
Either it's "mere aggregation", or a license violation. Pick one.

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