Re: What happened to Linux-Tiny ?

Rob Landley

On Saturday 16 January 2010 11:28:13 Bill Traynor wrote:
On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 12:12, Rob Landley <rob@...> wrote:
But somebody said the deadline had gone past. *shrug* Maybe next year.
Rob, you should submit them anyway so they can be added to the
elinux.orgwiki. That way there's a record of useful projects.
There's a shortage of todo items?

Somebody needs to make a kernel filesystem that can read-only loopback mount a
zip file. (Yay squashfs, but we've had a compressed archive format you can
easily get individual files out of for 20 years now, and the Linux kernel never
learned to loopback mount it. Sad.)

Somebody needs to genericize kconfig, as discussed years ago at
so the code that's currently copied by uClibc and busybox and buildroot and
such can be _shared_ rather than just copied from the Linux kernel. (But I
can't even get the Kernel guys to take my perl removal patches.)

Somebody needs to help the guy catch up
(possibly reading some of his old entries that haven't got MP3's out loud and
sending him the recordings, and maybe trying to summarize the gaps, ala ). Speaking of which, I need to dig
up and start that up again.

Maybe I should even dredge up and do something with
that. It would be nice if the OLS people inherited
and my script to generate broke when they
introduced subdirectories. (Easy to fix, I just haven't yet. And I need to
get the cron job set back up to update it regularly again.)

I need to dig up my old project to build a genext2fs program that works like
an archiver (I.E. so you can pipe its output directly into gzip or through
ssh, without it having to mmap a big file and work on that). I should probably
also do a btrfs one while I'm at it.

Somebody somewhere needs to teach qemu to emulate a 3D chip. (Doesn't matter
which one, something simple you can translate to opengl. Software render it
in 2D on the host for the first pass if need be, just put _support_ in there.)
And while we're fiddling with qemu, why does the -kernel mode _not_ parse ELF
vmlinux files on every single target? The code's generic, it's just not

I need to properly write up my rant about why autoconf and make need to die
and what to replace them with, random examples of material at:

I need to dig up my miniconfig stuff and make kconfig do it automatically in C:

I need to finally write the book on the history of open source I've been
collecting research for ( for ages. And no, and (and for that matter, don't count. I also need to
write up how to actually run a convention. (Again, doesn't count.) And I need to do a
PROPER write-up on the old Three Waves stuff I wrote articles on ten years ago
(Cutting and pasting from the last time I mentioned it, <a
<a href=>two</a>,
<a href=>three</a>,
<a href=>four</a>,
<a href=>five</a>,
<a href=>seven</a>,
and some <a
party reaction</a>). That was a DECADE ago, I hadn't even come up with decent
names for the stages yet (Cringely's names are ok, but Hobbyist, Employee, and
Bureaucrat are much more descriptive)...

(And I need to write a proper book on embedded development, explaining all the
stuff I've written scattered around and and so on. And to do so I need to
LEARN so much stuff, such has how to set up JTAGS properly which is an AMAZING

Today I'm halfway through a write-up on what's actually WRONG with the Android
project (from a 10,000 foot view, not actually looking at the code yet), and
my long-term hobby project (stalled while I find a real job) is getting my
Firmware Linux project working on every target QEMU supports (producing a
prebuilt binary cross compiler, native compiler, root filesystem tarball, and a
bootable system image containing a native development environment, plus
prebuilt static binaries for dropbear and strace, ala ). I also need to get it
building nightly snapshots using the -git versions of uClibc, busybox, and the
Linux kernel, and automatically doing a "git bisect" for any build break or
test break to determine what commit broke it and automatically emailing a
build log to that person.

I'm sorry, I'm confused by the CONCEPT of having a shortage of TODO items.
This is just the top of my head _Linux_ stuff, and doesn't include purely-me
items like learning LUA. I want to get a mac and learn THAT stuff. I want to
get my master's degree so I can become a full-time college professor when I'm
ready to retire from programming. I want to write multiple books. I want to
start a third convention so I have an excuse to wave the Cartoon Guide to
Federal Spectrum Policy at people
( I want to learn
to draw so I can start a webcomic. I have enormous stacks of books to read.
I need to watch the rest of Mythbusters, catch up on the new Dr. Who, and play
Dragon Age. I want to garden and cook and bike and swim. I want to get rich
and start the world's largest nudist resort. I want to dig up the recording
of the time I got Neil Gaiman to say "By Grabthar's hammer, you shall be
avenged" into a microphone (after his reading of Crazy Hair at Penguicon 2)
and also get Ralph Nader to say "Luke, I am your Father" into another
microphone. I need to completely redo my website (and make a "random cool
stuff" page listing and and so on...)

Theres... a shortage of stuff to do somewhere?


How does that work?

Latency is more important than throughput. It's that simple. - Linus Torvalds

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