Re: CELF Project Proposal - Feasibility analisys of Android introduction in a completely tested industrial device

Benjamin Zores <ben@...>

Raffaele Recalcati a écrit :
2009/12/28 Benjamin Zores <ben@...>:
Raffaele Recalcati a écrit :

Looking at

my idea seems to be ... not very good at all !!

What do you think?
I'm not a kernel mainline developer so I don't understand the real meaning.
Basically, Android is a so hacked-up version of Linux it is hard to
maintain. Google has done some drivers and refused to maintain them or
make them follow upstream kernel so devs get frustrated, which is
legitimate imho.

Also, they have modified so many things in Linux (kernel + legacy
runtime environment), I'm surprised this OS received such a fame.

Thx Ben,
my original idea about Android was similar to yours.
But yours, I guess, is based to direct experience.
That's mostly what I've read on LWN.
I have no direct experience with Android so far.


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