Re: Very Fast Booting short paper

Jun OKAJIMA <okajima@...>

The paper describes marketing and psychological
aspect of fast booting. And this kind of issue
is a bit hard to discuss in foreign languages...

Anyway, my opinion is,
leaping to showy technologies, like MRAM
is not so recommended, although
using showy stuff always sounds
quite attractive to geeks including me.

For now, I believe that using normal technologies like
suspending boot can achieve enough quickness
without risks to adopt new fancy technologies.

You seems to be a manager of Sony USA?
if so, my advise is, think what you are working for.
Company profit? or techies(including me) dream?

And, if you go OLS, maybe you can get
a "free" translator, because some Japaneses
will go there ( but not me).

--- Okajima, Jun. Tokyo, Japan.

2008/7/18 Tim Bird <tim.bird@...>:

Jun OKAJIMA wrote:

To non Japanese:
This is a short paper about very fast booting of
digital gadgets.
My proposal is like this.
New technologies like MRAM/FeRAM do not help.
Just using existing ways with some improvement
would be enough.
For example, just using suspending boot
could achieve less than 1 sec boot.
OK - I couldn't read the paper, and was quite interested
in the topic, so I started my own translation of it.
I have just been using Google translate and trying to
piece together some sentences to make sense of it.
However, I'm not sure it's working too well.

What I've done so far is at:

I've run out of time today (I'm getting ready
for OLS), but if anyone wants to help with the
translation, please do. Any help is much

-- Tim

Tim Bird
Architecture Group Chair, CE Linux Forum
Senior Staff Engineer, Sony Corporation of America

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