Re: CELF Project Proposal - Feasibility analisys of Android introduction in a completely tested industrial device


I'm more interested in the debugging part based on QEMU than in Android but I can see the importance Android is going to have in the future.

I have been using QEMU for some embedded projects and for linux embedded teaching. Having a wider micro/cpu coverage plus devices with QEMU would be a great thing.

At this point I'm working in a QEMU port and I'd like to contribute in the general effort to have QEMU as a main tool for embedded Linux.

Raffaele Recalcati <lamiaposta71@...> ha escrito:

2009/12/18 Raffaele Recalcati <lamiaposta71@...>:
Summary: Feasibility analisys of Android introduction in a completely
tested industrial device.

Description: By now Android has been ported to 600Mhz Cortex A8 cpu or similar.
The declared Android requirements are instead lower, about 200Mhz Arm9
cpu with 100Mhz Ram bus.
So I think the growing interest in this O.S. lacks some porting to
less powerful cpus.
The reasons to do this porting are commercial because of Google market
power, but are also technnical, because Android debugging environment
is very nice for not embedded developers.
This could help the diffusion of opensource embedded Linux.

The porting will be maybe against the 2.6.31 kernel for pxa270.
The idea is to preserve industrial tested development but adding
Android graphical interface.

The cpu dependency of the porting will be as small as possible.

Related work:
 * Android Porting -<wbr></wbr>android_pdk/
 * Android Pxa270 -

This should take more than 1 month for feasibility analysis.


Anybody can give me his idea about this proposal?

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