Re: [proposal] Decrease XFree86 server footprint

Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri

On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 5:38 PM, Tim Bird <tim.bird@...> wrote:
Mikhail Gusarov wrote:
Proposer: Mikhail Gusarov

Summary: Decrease XFree86 server footprint
The only one major obstacle of adopting XFree86 for embedded needs is
large memory footprint. While Kdrive Xfbdev features ~1.75MB RSS,
XFree86 is nearly 20MB.
Thanks very much for this proposal!

The size of X is something that's been an issue with embedded devices
for some time.  I'm not a graphics guy, so I didn't even know about

Can anyone comment on the current state of affairs
for the graphics layer used on embedded devices?

Is X widely used, or are other graphics systems (like DirectFB,
for example) used?
It's widely used, specially in non-TV embedded environments.

The problem with TV environments is the old-fashioned way of doing hw
acceleration. Usually they have lots of different layers, that makes
life for X harder. It's not impossible, but one would have to write
drivers for X that expose those using different X Visuals. As people
are usually short on time, they just hack a simple DirectFB driver and
do their apps using it.

At Sony we're not shipping a lot of (any?) products with X, but if
the footprint problem was solved maybe we would consider it.
I guess everything non-TV is every feasible. For TVs, it would need
more work... or new hardware that is not so "fixed". New hardware
exposes programmable pixel shaders using GL-ES2.0 so this is not an
issue... and people want more than just alpha-channel OSDs these days


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