Re: [proposal] Decrease XFree86 server footprint

Mikhail Gusarov <dottedmag@...>

Twas brillig at 11:38:49 01.12.2009 UTC-08 when tim.bird@... did gy=
re and gimble:

TB> Can anyone comment on the current state of affairs for the graphics
TB> layer used on embedded devices?

TB> Is X widely used, or are other graphics systems (like DirectFB, for
TB> example) used?

OpenMoko and Nokia N770/800/810/900 tablets use various X servers
(Xglamo, Kdrive and now XFree86).

Various e-Book readers I looked at use Kdrive, Nano-X (which is X-like,
but not quite X) and plain framebuffer (not DirectFB).


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