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Rob Landley

On 4/29/22 17:58, Bird, Tim wrote:

Sorry about that.
These things happen. :)

Given that you're posting on this list, I think you have the information, but here is
the link to the mailing list:
The "message history" at the bottom of that page has exactly one message, from
2018, announcing the migration. (That's also the only message in the rss feed
link.) I thought that was the one we'd moved _off_ of...

Ah, I see. My bad, I didn't go to the "subgroups" sidebar in the nav menu:

The lists were moved over to "" some years back, and that page should
have been updated with a reference to the new mailing list page.

Unfortunately, the whole site is out-of-date. The site was
mothballed after we transitioned to being a project under the Linux Foundation in
Yeah, that kind of link rot happened to every project that vanished into the maw
of the Linux Foundation. I lamented the demise of (and their links
going 404) in a blog entry last year:

I have personal copies of ELF ABI specs (like sh4) that aren't on but is there any point trying to get their
attention? And we all famously know what happened to the Linux Standard Base.
Debian dropping it was a trailing indicator, not leading...

Meanwhile, did NOT get eaten by the linux foundation and
is thus still there, is still Michael Kerrisk's baby (although he
hasn't commited to the git repo in a year, I thought he might have quietly
vanished like the Mepis maintainer did but his twitter account's still active)...

Many of the materials from the CELF Public Wiki were put onto the elinux wiki
(such as conference presentations and video links).
Did not get eaten by the linux foundation, thus is still there. (Although Bill
Traynor deleted his contact info from the about page, hasn't posted to twitter
in a year, and the blog on isn't loading for me. But the wiki is
still up, so...)

However, some material that
was on ended up just being left on the web
site (in particular the video archive for early Japan Jamborees and some
ELC video links.).
Huh, I thought those were links offsite to (since even my first
visit there had videos on bootlin, )
but you're right, the download links under "get flash player" are local on that
website. (Would/should bootlin want to mirror them, perhaps?)

Oh, speaking of ELC videos, did I ever mention that a kind j-core contributor
sent us our 2015 one and we re-uploaded it at

I used to have access to this site, but I can't seem to access it today. I'll ask the
Linux Foundation to help me get access next week, and try to put a disclaimer on
the site (stating that the information is obsolete). And I'll try to change links
when data has been moved elsewhere and is still available (usually to the elinux

Unfortunately, the '' web site (which held some of the original
wiki material) is currently giving a certificate error. I don't think it was ever
upgraded to https from http, and I'm not even sure where it's hosted now, so
I'll have to dig into that.
The certificate error is less of a problem than the "503 service unavailable"
when you click through it.

Thanks for the report. I'll see what I can get fixed on the site next week.
This list _is_ still used. Mostly as the jamboree announcement list, but that's

Unfortunately people keep handing over resources to the linux foundation and
their idea of "embedded" is yocto (where core-image-minimal builds host versions
of gnome libraries). A lot of places like have tumbleweeds and
crickets chirping. I know plenty of people still doing embedded development but
they refuse to interact directly with the linux or gnu communities.

Speaking of yocto, the existence of means it's unsurprising that
qemu's "./configure; make; make install" inserts 3.7 gigabytes of files into
/usr/local/bin. (The devuan operating system ISO is 1.2 gigabytes. The whole
pool1.iso of EVERYTHING is only 5.) Meanwhile Fabrice is off doing which is a 250k source tarball; plenty of good work
is BEING done. It's just not coupled to anything The Linux Foundation has ever
touched, because hobbyists scatter when they move in.

*shrug* No idea what to do about that.

-- Tim

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