Re: Please fix the website link.

Tim Bird


Sorry about that.

Given that you're posting on this list, I think you have the information, but here is
the link to the mailing list:

The lists were moved over to "" some years back, and that page should
have been updated with a reference to the new mailing list page.

Unfortunately, the whole site is out-of-date. The site was
mothballed after we transitioned to being a project under the Linux Foundation in
2011. Many of the materials from the CELF Public Wiki were put onto the elinux wiki
(such as conference presentations and video links). However, some material that
was on ended up just being left on the web
site (in particular the video archive for early Japan Jamborees and some
ELC video links.).

I used to have access to this site, but I can't seem to access it today. I'll ask the
Linux Foundation to help me get access next week, and try to put a disclaimer on
the site (stating that the information is obsolete). And I'll try to change links
when data has been moved elsewhere and is still available (usually to the elinux

Unfortunately, the '' web site (which held some of the original
wiki material) is currently giving a certificate error. I don't think it was ever
upgraded to https from http, and I'm not even sure where it's hosted now, so
I'll have to dig into that.

Thanks for the report. I'll see what I can get fixed on the site next week.
-- Tim

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The "Join the developer mailing list" link on is 404.


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