[proposal] Decrease X.org XFree86 server footprint

Mikhail Gusarov <dottedmag@...>

Proposer: Mikhail Gusarov

Summary: Decrease X.org XFree86 server footprint

Description: There are two servers with overlapping functionality in
X.org X server source tree, namely Kdrive and XFree86.

Kdrive is small X server developed for embedded needs and then
integrated into X.org server source tree. It is abandoned upstream and
does not receive any attention except of build fixes.

XFree86 is actively developed, features DRI and EXA acceleration, as
well as recent versions of XRandR extension. It would be nice to have
all its functionality available for embedded development.

The only one major obstacle of adopting XFree86 for embedded needs is
large memory footprint. While Kdrive Xfbdev features ~1.75MB RSS,
XFree86 is nearly 20MB.

Proposal is to make XFree86 leaner by both making more configuration
options (e.g. disabling support for AGP or PCI videocards for devices
without AGP/PCI bus), and auditing memory usage, so it can be used for
embedded systems as well.

The benefits are clear: single codebase will reduce duplication of
efforts, make development of specific hardware-accelerated drivers for
embedded devices easier and bring recent X11 enhancements into embedded

Related work:
* X server code: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/xserver/
* Tiago Vignatti blog post reflecting XDC discussion about XFree86 and

This should take approximately 3 months of development and test effort.


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